Gerber Paraframe

From Gerber

Frame lock handle design

Lightweight, open stainless steel handles

Titanium nitrate-coated blade

Overall length: 7.01"

Length closed length: 4.11"


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Lightweight, with an interesting look. Was going to offer it to my kid when one day I reached for it and my pinkie managed to slide into the middle gap in the frame and I could feel the very sharp blade against the tip of my finger.
I tried fiddling with it some more. Turns out it is rather unsafe. I've never gotten cut with it, however, I can see it being a risk factor for people with slender fingers, especially younger adults.
Nice and lite, nice to carry as a pocket knife.
Great knife for the money. Decent steel, lightweight, nicely shaped and sturdy blade.
If the pocket clip were deeper, it would be perfect.
This was my first knife as a kid. I love it, the bolt to open the knife is getting a little loose and I don't know what to do about that but that's the only prolem I've ever had with it.
Not a very sharp blade,I carry this and the sabre when I'm in a bad part of town
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