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Classic Zippo lighter with a brushed chrome finish Packaged in a gift box All metal construction; windproof design works virtually anywhere Refillable for a lifetime of use; flints are replaceable Made in the USA; "Fix it free" lifetime warranty

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I dont smoke anymore but i still love carrying a zippo the down side is fuel evaporation which i find can be almost eliminated by a ranger band over the lighter
Thanks for the tip.
If you don't have a Zippo, you are simply not prepared for life.
My zippo comes from the first ship I was on during Vietnam in 1964 it's worked from day one right up to today 2017.
Just got this particular Zippo back from the factory. Going on 20 years in my pocket. Good to have it back.
Timeless classic lighter, a great conversation starter that will get the job done.
i alternate between my late cousin's Elvis Zippo and a monogrammed one of my own.
My trusty old Zippo
great lighter to use for starting a fire or burning paracord
With Scouts insignia
The first ship I served on USS KING DLG10
Classic Zippo. Makes fire- does tricks.
The zippo my grandfather carried. Circa 1950
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