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Very nice minimal wallet, rugged, great looking!!!
Great minimalist wallet.
Carried in right front pocket
After trying the Trayvax models, I keep coming back to the Ridge. Speak, simple, clean, straight to the point.
With the elastic strap.
Picked this up last November, very happy with it. Although, wears a hole in your pocket if you're not careful.
Compact and RFID blocking.
Carbon Fiber with money clip replsved my Gen 1 Ridge wallet. Just works, not bulky & I Love the RFID protection while traveling.
Titanium version
Got my aluminum gunmetal Ridge wallet today. Very disappointed. It looks amazing. Unfortunately this thing is all about style, and takes zero consideration of utility. Practiced with it for a couple hours, trying to find a way to access cards and replace them without too much hassle to no avail. Hard to find cards, hard to replace them, easy for them to go flying. I quickly realized how dumb it was trying to train myself to use a wallet that doesn't hold cash well, doesn't hold cards well, and isn't comfortable. I put it back in the box and will have to figure out what to do with the thing. Sure it looks cool, but I won't look very cool when I launch my cards at the cashier or the ground. It's a better paper-weight than it is a wallet.
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