Irish 2P Coin

Authentic Irish Good Luck Piece
Rare - No Longer Minted Nor In Circulation
Second Bonus Coin FREE With Each Purchase
Vintage Collectible Coin Likely To Increase In Value
The Irish Two Pence coin (also known as a 2P or tuppence) is a rare coin. It was minted only 16 times between 1971 and 2000. It is no longer in circulation and therefore, it will, most likely, continue to increase in value over time. After years in circulation, all our two pence coins have the expected amount of scrapes, scratches and weather marks but none are bent or badly dinged. No coin we sell has been cut, pierced, drilled, machined or altered in any way which might diminish its current or future value. At the same time, each coin has been (gently) hand cleaned and lightly polished. As a result, each coin has an 'aged' luster which nicely highlights the original 1971 Gabrial Hayes 'bird' design on the reverse side of the coin and the iconic Celtic harp on the observe side. As a desk ornament, wedding gift for the bride (Something old, Something new... and a tuppence for her shoe), golf ball marker, necklace pendant, key chain fob, wrist bracelet charm or just as an every day lucky pocket piece, the halfpenny is an authentic, unique and memorable keepsake or gift, particularly for anyone with even a little bit of Irish ancestry or interest. OUR SPECIAL BONUS: We believe in the Irish 'goof luck' penny tradition and so, as long as our supply lasts, we will include an additional 'thank you' 2P coin with your purchase. Your bonus coin may have a few more scrapes and weather marks but it's FREE. No charge! So, God bless. And just so you know, with every 2P, we also send along a bit of everlasting Irish luck... which certainly can't hurt in these days and times. Slainte.

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