Leatherman Squirt PS4

From Leatherman
Impressively Small Design Packed With Tools
Contoured Anodized Aluminum Handles
Outside Accessible Blades & Tools For 1-handed Opening
420hc Clip-point Knife
Spring-action Needlenose/regular Pliers


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Great handy multi tool you'll see this in many EDC's very good for its price and the pliers are really good.
The Leatherman squirter ps4 it's a very good small multitool it's a perfect size for edc it's not heavy or bulky on the pocket or on your key chain I have mine with a small s biner so when I need it I could clip it of my key chain very easy
Good small multitool
Modified Leatherman Squirt PS4 side cutter.
leatherman Squirt. pretty handy in a pinch. not fond of the bottle opener. knife and scissors are pretty sharp
I love this thing. Small, but too heavy for my keychain so I just chuck it in my pocket.
Leatherman squirt and olight i3eos on an s-biner
Best and most used leatherman. Probably because it's so small there's no excuse to not have it on you.
In addition a Microlight Freedom white LED light for close up fine detail work or diagnosing a problem.
Excellent mini multiple very useful
Very compact, black multi-tool that includes: knife blade, single and multi directional file, scissors, narrow and wide blade screwdrivers, and of course pliers with wire cutters
What to say about this little guy? It's a fantastic multitool and honestly, I think that everyone should have one. My only gripe is that it doesn't have tweezers included. BUT, the pliers are so precise that they can be used for most things tweezers would do if needed. Smaller than a SAK, but does more. What's not to love?
Navy Blue with Custom Shealth
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