Zombucks Murk Diem 1 oz. Copper Coin

From Zombucks
Murk Diem Zombucks 1oz Copper Round
5th coin in the Zombucks series
Zombie twist on the classic Mecury Dime, hence MURK DIEM
Fresh from mint tubes
Also available in limited Gold Plated edition only from BGS Supplies
Known as the eternal metal, copper could keep you from roaming the earth forever - as one of the living dead. Arm yourself with the 2018 Zombucks Murk Diem 1 oz Copper round from Provident Metals before it's too late. The fifth installment in the Zombucks: Currency of the ApocalypseTM series, each Murk Diem round contains .999 fine copper, and is one of the few assets valuable enough to keep you alive after the outbreak. It's chilling design serves as a constant reminder that freedom is susceptible to decay. Liberty's brain seeps through her torn cap on the obverse of each round. Her spine is visible through the muscles of her neck, and slices of flesh have been ripped from her face. The once-perfect wings in her cap, which symbolized freedom, are in shambles. Inscriptions read MURK DIEM, 2018 and Z50. The Murk Diem copper round pays homage to the Mercury Dime, which circulated from 1916-1945. The original coin - featuring a beautiful left-facing Lady Liberty - was designed by Adolph Weinman, and won a design competition among highly-regarded artists. The reverse of each round features a biohazard symbol surrounded by zombie splatter. CURRENCY OF THE APOCALYPSE, ZOMBUCKS and 1 OZ .999 FINE COPPER are inscribed, along with a Provident compass. Murk Diem means "dark day" - and the zombie apocalypse will darken our days like never before. Give yourself a fighting chance with the 2018 Zombucks Murk Diem 1 oz Copper round

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