Spyderco Manix 2 G-10

From Spyderco
Ambidetrous tip-up clip. Spyderco's patented Ball Bearing Lock. Black G-10 Handle with full-length skeletonized steel liners. Made in Golden, Colorado.


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Excellent knife! I got the one with the black coated blade. Great addition to my edc.
Spyderco is my Favorite brand of knife. I have carried this Manix 2 for 2 Years and it is great! I am usually a fan of smaller knives, but this is a work horse. I will be changing it out for a Para 3 soon. I will update EDC soon!
Very pleased with this knife, keeps a great edge
Excellent knife in S-30V steel
A fantastically strong, thick locking blade with a great ball-bearing mechanism assist and the signature Spyderco blade-hole make this knife one of my favorites, and the pocket clip is in my experience far higher quality / more durable than those of competitors (especially Benchmade).
Best knife I own! Can't beat a USA made Spyderco in S30V steel. Hands down best knife I will ever own.
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