Apple EarPods

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Each can be validated by apple store. Control Music and Video Playback Enhanced Bass Response Answer and End Calls


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Great headphones. My only con for it is they get tangled very easy.
everyone must had this once in their life
Pretty decent set of earbuds. Great sound quality and they fit inside my ears ok.
Basic headphones that came with my iPhone
Apple headphones from my old iPhone 4. Love the shape of these older headphones, they fit my ears much better than the new ones. Have added some cushion ear pads to make them an even more comfortable fit.
No description needed :)
i've got like 3 boxes laying around of those :p they work great and last pretty well
good quality and NOT in-ear (<3)
small mods added to make it sturdier
I find they are some of the best fitting in ear head phones out there.
I got those with my iPhone 5S (who surprisingly enough passed away before the headphones did) They fit a lot better then the ones that came with the iPod, and they have a remote. I keep em in the box to prevent them from tangling or getting damaged.
they work, looking for some bose headphones to replace these when they break.
Light and great quality.
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