Victorinox Huntsman

From Victorinox
Pocket knife contains 14 different implements Features include blades, scissors, a wood saw, and more Compact, 3.5-inch long knife is ideal for camping, fishing, and more Stainless steel implements, matte finish nylon handle Includes a lifetime warranty against defects


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Most carried, on a P7 clip, dont need the saw. Need the magnifying glass!
Best pocket knife/tool on the planet. The perfect pocket knife.
With a handmade leather lanyard and match threaded into cork screw.
VIC Huntsman with solid copper scales
Huntsman with Swiss Bianco copper scales
This is my first and oldest knife/multi tool. Its rugged, has many functions and is just a great companion for the pocket. Everyone needs a swissy and this is my go to.
Customized through work
Custom scales
I own an 80's Huntsman (same specs but without the hook), that i bought on a flee market for 10$, and it's a wonderful pocket knife.
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