Guitar Pick

Premium quality celluloid provides natural feel and warm, fat tone
Medium gauge (70mm) works well for both strumming and articulate picking
Standard shape for comfortable playing
10 picks per package
Planet Waves pick packaging is designed for minimal waste and environmental impact
Planet Waves Standard Guitar Picks--Right for Any HandWhen it comes to playing a guitar, nothing but the best will do. That's why Planet Waves Medium Standard Guitar Picks are the right choice. They are the right tool for the job, which is producing awesome music. Stylish in pearlized colors, these medium guitar picks are the most popular picks out there today. Not too thin and not too heavy, they are just right for every guitar-playing style.Attractive, stylish, beautiful sound.The Right Fit No Matter the AgeIt does not matter if this pick will be used by someone who is six-years old or sixty-years old, the Planet Waves Standard guitar pick will be just what the doctor ordered. The pearl finish is attractive enough for kids to want to use, thick enough not to snap when used on electric guitars, and thin enough not to muddle the sound of the strings.Why a Medium Guitar Pick?A medium guitar pick is 0.73?0.81 mm or 0.028?0.031 inches thick. When playing rock or heavier music, or while playing electric guitar with hi-gain amplification or distortion, thinner picks produce muddier, less precise, less controlled sound while thicker picks produce more specific, more controlled and well-shaped tone. Thinner picks also tend to rip or tear more often if used too forcefully, whereas a thicker one is less likely to wear down. Thicker picks are generally used in more discrete genres, such as heavy metal or power metal.Comes in a 10-pack of assorted pearlized colors.Celluloid, Historically SpeakingInvented in 1856, celluloid is considered the first invented thermoplastic. This was the first plastic ever used to produce picks, and it is still used today--especially for guitarists aiming for vintage tone. Celluloid is easily molded and shaped, and it was first widely used as an ivory replacement. Easy to manufacture, easy to produce, celluloid is the favored pick of guitarists around the world.


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A guitar pick, loose change and pocket lint...
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