Trayvax Axis Wallet

From Trayvax
Designed to fit 1-14 cards and 1-8 bills
Tumbled stainless steel hinged plates
Cash clip, key/coin holder, adjustable card tray
RFID-resistant enclosed design for card protection
Type III 550 Paracord with aluminum spacer

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Best wallet I've ever carried
Very durable, well made wallet. Besides cards and cash, I also keep my card multi-tool, bandages, and first aid pads in it.
Great durable wallet. Fits in the pocket well. Easy to access cards and cash. I have no complaints.
Amazing wallet!!
Best wallet I've ever owned!!
Best wallet I have ever owned!
Stainless Steel Version
The last wallet I will ever own. Awesome,minimalist,functional.
Love this wallet!
LOVE this thing!
Best wallet I've ever owned! It holds everything I need it to with room to spare, is all easily accessible, and it fits in both front and back pockets!
Best Wallet I have ever owned. The Trayvax Axis is lightweight, durable, and simple.
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