Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

From Samsung
Display 5.5 inches
Operating system Android 6.0.1 marshmallow
Quad HD super AMOLED display
Dual pixel technology
3600 mAh battery

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Reviews (13 total)

Actually it's the obliq phone case.
Spigen Thin Case
Using phone to take picture!
w/ Otterbox case
Waterproof, critical.
As big as I want it, as small as it needs to be. Great phone.
Got tech 21 case dropped many times not an issue
One of the best phones I've ever owned in terms of features, functionality, and design
Not in the picture but taking the picture.
Whaaaaatttttt!?!? Yes it gets champaign poured on it every night
In my hand for the photo
Great phone. Gets me through the day.
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