Victorinox Pioneer X Multi Pocket Knife with Scissors, Silver Alox

From Victorinox

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The epitomy of quality and functionality in a small multi-tool. This is the pinnacle of EDC. The Alox version is actually thinner than the non-Alox knives with the same number of tools. Soft, super sharp blade. Swiss Army knives are in that special realm of real-life light use with no pretention in terms of performance, something which even the most adventurous people who carry EDCs seem to appreciate. Flawless workmanship at surprisingly affordable prices if you look online.
Swiss army knife with alox (aluminum) scales, a bottle opener, wire stripper, large flathead screwdriver, small flathead screwdriver, can opener, scissors, knife blade, and reamer.
Very functional SAK w. Built in scissor. Use it often
Solid 93mm SAK with main components that are slightly oversized compared to the smaller siblings in the 91mm size. And the three layer alox is only as thick as the two layer celluloid scale SAKs.
I have to have scissors in my setup, I use them more than the blade.
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