Nite Ize S-Biner Micro Lock

From Nite Ize
Our smallest-sized S-Biner just got a great big upgrade: it locks High quality stainless steel construction Secure stainless steel wire gate closure Dimensions: 1.38" x 0.57" x 0.28" | 35.00 mm x 14.50 mm x 7.10 mm | Weight: 0.14 Oz | 4 g | Weight rating: 10 lb The S-Biner Micro Lock is the perfect size to hold and organize keys to rings or for organizing other smaller items. And now, with its added twist lever, it also locks perfectly, preventing any unintended or accidental openings. Made of high quality stainless steel, the S-Biner Micro Lock features a center lever made of durable plastic--a simple twist effectively and securely locks the gates, and keeps them that way until you twist it open again. Great for removing a single key from a ring to take on a run or ride, give to your mechanic, or leave for a friend. The S-Biner Micro Lock is versatile, convenient, and ultra-secure.


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Great product and fun to use.
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always attaching them to lanyards.
This is for the car key when I have the car
I use this to attach the manager to my keys. That way my keys don't get in the way when I use the tool.
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
I wanted a way to disconnect my car key from my main keychain so that the ignition switch didn't have to take the strain of extra weight. Most of the quick disconnects I found were bulky and seemed like they could accidentally disconnect and cause me to lose my keys. A little S-BIner was the perfect solution. The Microlock gives me some additional piece of mind.
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