Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

From Wacom

Opt for this high-powered model with Intel Core i7 and 512GB SSD if you edit large images or create 3D animation/sculpting and run powerful applications like Pixologic ZBrush or Adobe AfterEffects

With Cintiq Connect(TM) technology, Cintiq Companion 2 is also a Cintiq Creative Pen Display when you connect it to your Mac or PC and a powerful Windows 8.1 creative tablet when you are on the go.

Wacom Pro Pen with 2048 levels pen pressure, responding to the slightest touch or heavy pressure to vary effects in your creative software

Customizable ExpressKeys, on-screen controls and Rocker Ring for easy access to shortcuts

Comes with adjustable stand, soft carrying case, Pro Pen and case, and connection cables

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This is the heart of my EDC, this is basically a portable Cintiq that I could carry anywhere and do all of my digital illustrations.

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