Olight 3E Copper

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Olight Flashlight Body: The Strongest and Super-Bright i3e CopperPenlight 120 Lumens[120 Lumens for silver only]

Olight Flashlight Brightness Levels : i3e Copper Mini Flashlight Come with Philips LUXEON TX LED Beam Distance is 44M/Silver color penlight 48M, Lifespan is up to 60,000 hours.

Olight Flashlight Waterproof Level: i3e Copper Keychain light IPX8 Submersible to over 2 Meters Deep and Survives Drops Impacts from over 1.5 Meters High. Premium Quality Design Lasts Much Longer than other Imitations,Thousands of Satisfaction Customers have Chosen Olight Flashlights, Batteries and Accessories

Olight Warranty : All Olight Flashlights with Full 5 Years Manutacturer's Warranty and 100% Cutomer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Package : Includes 1*i3E Copper Keychain Flashlight 1*AAA Alkaline Battery

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Best Flashlight hands down, anything bigger and I'd I feel like a cop.
This flashlight was way smaller than I expected, but the lanyard makes it easier to grip. Very bright for its size and the copper is taking on a very nice patina.
The smallest, most powerful, and beautiful flashlight I ever used! It simply disappears in the hand and pocket. It still amazes me it puts out 120 lumens on high.
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