QALO Silicone Wedding Ring


Mission and About Us: QALO's mission is to inspire people to improve their Quality of life by committing to Love selflessly, live Athletically. And play Outdoors constantly. From being tired of taking our wedding ring off and on, it became our mission to create a solution. After many hours, materials and evolutions, we found that 100% medical grade silicone wedding rings were the answer to our problem and QALO was born

Durable and Comfortable: QALO silicone wedding rings are made out of material that's perfect solution for an alternative wedding ring. Each ring is made out of: Hypoallergenic, Non-Conductive, Non-Porous Medical Grade Silicone.

Sizing and Dimensions: 87cm wide, .15cm thick WomenÕs .55cm wide, .15cm thick. TENSILE STRENGTH: MenÕs ~172N WomenÕs ~120N

QALO Ambassadors: Big Wave Surfer: Shane Dorian, Crossfit Champion: Jason Khalipa, USATF Athletes: Russ and Kara Winger, Climber: Cedar Wright, UFC Champion: Chris Weidman, IndyCar Series Champion: Graham Rahal

Testiomonial by Shane Dorian "Over a few years I lost like maybe ten wedding rings because I would take it off for training at Crossfit, I would take it off for bow hunting because it would click on my bow... When I hit the road a lot of times I'm on my own. It's cool what this ring represents to me, I'm a committed husband and I've got a great family at and its not hard to think about my family, I do it all the time, but everytime I look at my ring I definitely do."

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I don't wont to wear... or lose... the original!
Best thing ever when working with electicity.
I love these silicon rings. I forget it’s even on most of the time. I can even wear it while lifting weights in the gym and it never bothers me. And there’s no risk of it degloving your finger if it’s ever caught on something
Wife bought this for me when my wedding band became too big. So light and comfortable!
Finely crafted to perfection.
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