Machine Era Pen- Solid Brass

The brass body provides a hefty weight, balance, and exceptionally satisfying in-hand feel
After use, the metal will patina to a spent shell casing golden brown
Ink is delivered by the well-loved Pilot G2 0.5 cartridge (included).
No moving parts or plastic inserts. Machined from a solid block
A threaded cap keeps ink where you want it, and not where you don't

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One of the chief complaints I hear about this pen is the fact that there's no pocket clip. While I understand this, I would like to point out that the clip might prevent that natural, pocket worn patina you get with Brass. I have carried mine everyday for a year and couldn't be happier.
I have carried this pen with me everyday for a year now. It's extremely durable, the Pilot G2-5 black ink cartridge writes smoothly and it get's a lot of attention when people ask you for something to write with. The cap screws onto the top when in use. It's brilliant!
Smooth writer. Pilot G2 refill.
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