Leatherman Skeletool CX

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Leatherman 830851 Multi-Tools


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Mine is going on eight years and still going strong. Can't be a Leatherman.
My backup tool.
Great Knive to carry, although the blade seems weak and mine got damaged very quickly.
My new favorite multitool!
Learned about this tool from this site! Quite handy, carry it with me every day. Picked up the driver set that goes with it which has also been very handy.
lightweight minimalist multitool with a great 154cm blade. I only really use pliers and a philips screwdriver on a multitool, so this is perfect. the bottle opener is great and the blade makes a great utility knife/ box cutter
Right Front Pocket
Right front pocket
Just using the pliers and knife.
With screwdriver extension
1 Year Review: Skeletool CX by Leatherman
I bring this along when I know I am going to travel away from home for any extended length of time.
Lightweight, simple and has most of what I'd need in a pinch.
Damascus steel blade
I only really bring this with me to work, otherwise I usually bring my Get-a-way driver with me. But this thing as minimalist it is as a Full size multitool does everything you need it to do, and more.
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