LUMINTOP Tool Ti aaa LED Keychain Flashlight


Made of TC4 titanium with precision CNC, diamond cut knurling, incredible metallic feeling

Unibody brass circuit board with golden ring exposed as an exquisite decoration on the shining body

Patented electronic metallic tail switch to change 3 modes: Mid-Low-High

Uses Cree XP-G2 (R5) LED up to 110 lumens from AAA battery; With glow in the Dark front O-ring

Comes in a gift packaging like a jewelry box with stainless reversible clip and quality keychain

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Powerful little flashlight. Sometimes turns on in my pocket.
I'm a flashlight junky. I live on sites like, and others. The deals that pop up for amazing lights are fantastic. This Titanium Lumintop is usually $50 and I think I got it for $19. I have 5 or 5 O-Lights, A few Fenix, Nitecores, Zebra lights, and a bunch of custom ones from my favorite light sites ever, and
Nice little titanium flashlight from lumintop. Available on
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