Radix One Black Steel (Black)

Significantly thinner than most existing wallets
Heavy gauge stainless steel parts with electrophoresis coating
Comfortably holds 4-10 cards
Can store both cash and cards in a very slim profile
The Radix One Black Steel is an ultra-thin replacement to the standard bi-fold wallet. It can hold between 4-10 cards in between the heavy gauge steel plates and is held together by a durable silicone band. Cash can be held by the band much like a money clip. To increase the capacity for carrying cash, just unhook one of the clips on the back of the steel plate.

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This is a creation by my friend in SF Bay Area. Simple yet functional, compact to carry
If you want minimalism and something that looks cool this is a definite buy!
I lost my wallet day one in the city and needed a new one, so stuck with the minimalist vibe but went with a better reviewed product. I love these wallets.
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