Irish Connemara Marble Single Decade Rosary Prayer Beads Handcrafted

Single Decade
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Made in Ireland
An Paidrin Beag: The Little Rosary    In the Irish Language, Paidrin means Rosary, and Beag means small. An Paidrin Beag is therefore a uniquely Irish Rosary. It did not come about purely as a convenience, though it is small enough to use in your pocket as you sit on the bus, or go for a walk on a cold day.    This very personal, single decade of the Rosary dates back to the Penal times, when it was forbidden to practice the Catholic faith in Ireland.    As in many countries where people aren't allowed to practice their beliefs, this suppression only served to increase the faith of the Irish people.    With priests living in hiding, and Mass celebrated on the open hillsides, people found more and more ways of continuing their devotions without being detected.    One result of this determined ingenuity is "An Paidrin Beag" the little Rosary. Few Things reflect the beauty of creation more strongly then the deep, and varied greens of Connemara Marble, found only in a small corner of Ireland's Atlantic seaboard  These Rosary Beads, hand made in Dublin from marble cut at Walsh's own Quarry are part of a long tradition in Irish Rosary Beads. The first Irish Rosaries were made by monks of the great settlements like Cashel, Clonmacnoise and Glendalough. Using the horns of animals they fashioned beads of natural beauty and simple strength. Their Strength in particular put them much in demand in medieval Europe, where the rosary was a widely observed meditation, and personal link with the Creator.   These beads continue that tradition, combining natural beauty with practical strength. Carry them with you, and tranquility will never be far away...carry them with you and a friend is always near

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