Magpul DAKA Essentials Wallet


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Great quality,very durable
sleek, durable and almost invisible in pocket! must have!
Super thin and durable
Best minimalist wallet I have ever used. Extremely durable and comfortable in pocket. Goodbye, Trayvax, hello, Magpul
Like it so far. If they made a bi-fold version I think I would prefer it even if it was a little thicker, as I like to carry cash. I currently have it pretty well maxed out with 6 cards and up to 6 bills. Reasonably easy to access while remaining very slim.
A decent wallet. You have to be really disciplined on how many cards your carry. It does not fit much.
Very minimalist. Only wish there was a little more room for cash.
Micro version of this wallet is great, hardly notice it's in my pocket
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