Go-Comb - Wallet Comb - Sleek, Durable Stainless Steel Hair + Beard Comb - Black

From go-comb
FINE-TOOTHED wallet sized hair and beard comb
INCREDIBLY THIN - fits in your wallet just like a credit card
BUILT TO LAST - crafted from high strength, durable stainless steel
DESIGNED TO PERFORM - Anti-static metal is smooth-coated in black for optimal detangling performance
Created by a small American company that cares about its customers
The go-comb is a modern grooming accessory designed to travel with you for when you need it. Far superior to a plastic pocket comb or folding comb, your go-comb is sleek, lightweight, easy to clean, and hard to lose! This fine-toothed version was created specifically to be used with short hair or as a beard comb or mustache comb. Precision-crafted from stainless steel and coated in a smooth and durable black finish - it glides through hair, feels great on the scalp, will never rust or corrode, and is easy to clean with a quick rinse. Slim enough to fit perfectly in any credit card slot, and won't scratch your credit cards. We dare say it - this may be the ultimate everyday comb! Designed with care in Brooklyn, NYC and guaranteed to keep your manscape (or ladyscape) looking good! JANUARY 2015 UPDATE: We listened to your feedback - the teeth are now even finer than before.

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