IMCO Super Triplex Lighter

Adjustable windscreen for outdoor use.
IMCO is now out of business. This is a collector's item!
Lights without touching the spark wheel.
Light weight and easy to use with regular lighter fluid.
Comes in gift box with maintenance instructions.
This is IMCO's long time original design with old style pattern finish, a black windscreen and fuel cap, plus shiny panels on both sides for engraving. IMCO of Austria had been manufacturing lighters since 1918, but is now out of business. All IMCO lighters run on regular lighter fluid, and come complete with cotton wick, and flint. Lighters have the unique feature of lighting without touching the sparking wheel. Minor engineering changes have been made over the decades to make it better with time. It has an excellent performance record and features such as a wind screen in the Super models. Just light it, then pull out the lit fuel canister for lighting the campfire or your pipe! Get one of these great lighters today!


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