Olight I3E EOS

From Olight

Using a high performance LUXEON TX LED which has a lifespan of 60,000 hours

Paired with high quality PMMA TIR lens delivering a homogeneous beam

Powered by a single AAA Alkaline battery. Maximum output of 90 lumens

The versatile i3E fits easily into a pocket or bag, and can be connected to a keychain without adding significant bulk to your keys.

Available in several colors including Silver, Copper, Black, Blue, Purple, Green, and Red.

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Keychain flashlight that I carry by itself in my pocket. Very bright. I got the copper version so the patina is an added bonus.
So good! I have new aluminum wallet, high Quality feel,simple and small.
So good! I have new aluminum wallet, high Quality feel,simple and small.
Very useful and handy.
I like the look of the copper i3e EOS. After a while, it will tarnish and look like a penny.
Bright, small and waterproof.
This has been in my pocket every day for a year or more. I keep it tethered my Leatherman Squirt ES4 using a little cable keychain. It is bright and I've only changed the battery once despite using it for this or that almost daily. If anything ever happened to it, I would reorder it immediately without even considering any other light. It is perfect and tiny.
Lightweight, always reliable and really bright. With the Eneloop AAA "white" battery.
Very bright little light.
On a home made keychain of paracord and a shackle with key to my truck and tannue cover, mail box, gas lock, and key box
A small "thrower", for when you need that little extra kick.
Come in handy exploring the caves and WWII Japanese tunnels.
I have tried a bunch of pocket/key-chain flashlights and this one is by far the nicest.
I bought the light recently and it already proven itself in several situations. I'm very happy with it! Tested the water and drop resistance myself, all good.
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