Klarus XT11GT CREE XPH35

From Klarus

Utilizes CREE XPH35 HD E4 LED with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours;2000 Lumen Max Turbo output,beam reaches over 316 meters

Common Micro USB recharging port protects again moisture, dust, and sand;1A recharging current; quickly back in action

Patented Dual Tactical Tail Switch Control; Three Interfaces: Tactical Setting; Outdoor Setting; Advanced Tactical Setting

Intelligent Digital Charging module; monitors charging progress for safe and fast recharging with over-charging protection

Easy Interface: One-Touch Strobe; One-Touch Turbo; One-Touch Low; Mode memory; SOS; Lock-out function; Capacity indicator, USB charging; ITS temperature control; Quick mode change

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