ClinicalGuard® CMS-50DL Pulse Oximeter + Soft Case Combo Pack

Accurate readings of your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate at an affordable price
Measurement accuracy for SpO2/Pulse Rate is ±2%
Comes with a free ClinicalGuard® Soft Carrying Case and lanyard
30 hours of use on one set of batteries
1 Year Warranty
The CMS-50DL is designed to provide a quick, accurate way for spot-checking blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate while you're on the go. Whether you're an athlete, a pilot or in between, the CMS-50DL is a reliable travel companion, and comes with a free ClinicalGuard carrying case along with a lanyard. Simple operation allows it to turn on and off with the touch of a button and get a reading in seconds, and you can expect up to 30 hours of continuous monitoring on a single set of batteries. This device is intended for sports and aviation use only.

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