Bic Mini Lighter

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BIC Mini Lighter


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When all else fails get tourself a bic to carry
Iconic, reliable, easy to carry and affordable.
Love this little lighter, even though I don’t smoke:) and the duct tape is always very handy.
Wrapped with cordage.
Don't smoke but it's good to have.
Obtained at Convenience Store Nearby
I don't smoke, It's merely for paracord and other practical applications.
I added a narrow piece of webbing and a split ring held on with gaffers tape. Also a mini zip tie to keep the gas in. Hangs upside down.
Keychain item #2. Hangs from a bottom split ring attached with narrow webbing and gaffers tape. Also has a mini ziptie to keep the lever up.
I hang the lighter upside down using a length of cord, gaffers tape and a split ring. Also used a small zip tie to keep the gas inside.
wrapped in white duct tape
I don't smoke, but it is small. Nothing else.
Just in case. I don't smoke.
Wrapped in duct tape
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