Bic Mini Lighter

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BIC Mini Lighter


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When all else fails get tourself a bic to carry
Iconic, reliable, easy to carry and affordable.
wrapped in white duct tape
I don't smoke, but it is small. Nothing else.
Just in case. I don't smoke.
Wrapped in duct tape
Wrapped with 10-12" of Gorilla Duct Tape.
Bics are way more reliable as lighters because they are completely sealed so the butane does not evaporate out of them. This means it will actually light when you flick it even if you haven't touched it for days.
Gotta have one. Too light not to carry.
I carry two because you never know
I'm not a smoker, but lighter come in handy in numerous situations. I've got metal case for my mini Bic and it looks much better. But overall, good thing to have on you.
Duct tape around a bit of paracord to attach it to my keys.
with duct tape
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