Olight S1R Baton

From Olight

900 lumen max output; rechargeable; ideal for every day carry.

Light can be charged internally (when equipped with included battery) by attaching MCC charging cable to base

Special Strobe Function can be used as a signal or to disorient a target

S1R operated using easy-to-use side switch to turn light ON/OFF, cycle between outputs

Bundled with USB powered EdisonBright reading light

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Really well made, easy to operate and charge, versatile clip, super bright when needed, long lasting charge... and a very easy to carry size. What's not to like? Living in the North, I use it every day for half the year. This is a great light.
Amazing little flashlight with magnetic base.
The brightest light in its size, affordable, nice interface, and the magnetic tailcap gets used more than you think. Everyone should have one
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This little guy is amazing, best flashlight I've ever owned
best light on the market
Always charges by my bed and ready to go.

-kept in my back right pocket with my wallet
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