Olight S Mini Baton TI

From Olight
It utilizes Cree XM-L2 LED and TIR lens of high light transmission rate
S mini Baton is the limited edition of the smallest side-switch EDC flashlight of Olight
Smaller and brighter: Compared to S1, the length of S mini is shortened by 10% and the maximum output has increased by 10% to 550 lumens
5 Modes : Hight/Med/Low /Moonlight/Strobe . Gradual brightness change: When the light is turned on or off, the light will gradually fade on or off to not strain the eyes during brightness changes.
Package includes one S Mini Flashlight pack and LegionArms CR123A Battery

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LOVE this! Tiny but can output 550 lumens. Also while it's not rated as a HiCRI light, it's beam is actually on the "natural" side.
This light is great. It's my primary light. I love it clipped to a hat as a head lamp. Everyone is impressed by the power to size.
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