Apple Airpods

From Apple
Wireless Headphones for iOS 10 and Higher
Comes with Charging Case

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One of the best $159 I have ever spent. Literally nothing compares to the convenience, whether you are an Apple fan or not.
Best headphones ever, easy to operate and a simple design.
Excellent choice for audio. Airpods are very small and case recharges up to 3 times for long duration of listening
No more wires for me!
Apple Airpods
Commuting around to class and studying on the go, I couldn’t imagine not having these in my EDC
with B-side Label sticker
front left pocket!!!
I always carry these. Sorry for the repetitiveness, but these are a must have for me!
With a sticker on it.
I don't think I could post a pocket dump without my Air Pods. I carry them with me everyday, use them everyday, and they have never let me down. I throw them on the charger every few days and they are good to go.
I know these Apple Airpods will be in every pocket dump I document. They are an essential part of my carry.
Front Right Pocket
So good! I ordered a wallet as a birthday gift for my father, after he mentioned that he wanted one. This one is great quality and looks sleek.Recommend it!
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