Leatherman - Micra Multi-Tool, Red

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FEATURING 10 TOOLS: 420HC Knife, Spring-action Scissors, Flat/Phillips Screwdriver, Ruler (4.7 in | 12.0 cm), Nail Cleaner, Tweezers, Bottle Opener, Nail File, Medium Screwdriver, Extra-small Screwdriver.
SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY: The Micra measures only 2.5 inches when closed and weighs a mere 1.8 ounces making it ideal for a tackle box, pocket, purse, fanny pack, or sewing kit. The handy split ring loop makes it easy to attach to a key ring, allowing you to keep the Micra handy at all times.
SPRING-ACTION SCISSORS: The Micra is equipped with spring-action scissors for cutting paper or other light materials that automatically spring back to the open position when not being used. Sprung tools are helpful for reducing hand-fatigue, especially in scissors where the user may be opening and closing the tool many times to make multiple cuts in a row.
PERSONAL CARE FEATURES: The Micra's personal care tools include precisely designed tweezers, a handy curved tool fits under the nail tip for cleaning and a stainless steel nail file that is ideal for nail care when a conventional nail file is unavailable.
LEATHERMAN 25 YEAR GUARANTEE: We take extraordinary measures so your Leatherman product is free from manufacturer's defects and will give you many years of dependable service. If the tool does have a defect, we will gladly repair or replace it, at our discretion. This warranty does not cover sheaths, accessories, imprinting, color finishes, cleaning or sharpening. This warranty covers products purchased through an authorized dealer and proof of purchase from an authorized dealer may be required.

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The scissors in this are really good for hobby electronics.

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