Nitecore TIP2017

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 Produces 360 Lumens of brightness with four brightness levels that allow you see over 80 yards, a major upgrade of popular Nitecore keychain light like Nitecore Tube and Thumb.

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The Nitecore TIP2017 (be sure the model name includes "2017", otherwise you get the earlier model without the plastic multi-purpose clip - a >major< improvement) is the best keychain light around. Easily pocketable, very bright, and USB rechargeable. The clip covers the USB port (keeping it free of pocket lint, etc.), protects the on/off switch from accidental activation (a real problem with the earlier model), and allows the light to be clipped to a hat (very useful). I've also discovered that the clip does not have to be removed to operate on/off switch - just press the clip firmly over the switch.
In black. Impressive performance
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