Parker Jotter Pen

From Parker
Stainless steel sleek, streamlined design.
Lifetime of durability and service.
Grip Type: Smooth
Line Size: 1.00 mm
Ink Color(s): Black


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Reviews (16 total)

Less expensive than an expensive pen, more substantial than a pen of no consequence. Been a favorite of mine since I stole my father's as a grade schooler.
Vintage parker, Loaded with a Schmidt p900 refill, this pen is from the 70's when parker still made them in the states. It doesn't have a top clicker button. The whole top pushes down.
W/ Space pen refill.
Loaded with a Fisher ink cartridge, the pen is mighty!
Small, sleek, classic and featured in a James Bond film. Great pen.
Jotter pen from Parker with black gel ink inset.
Oldie, but a goodie. Sleek and elegant without emptying my wallet. When ever I wear a suit, this goes in the pocket.
With Fisher Space Pen ink
Stainless Steel Parker Jotter 2008 Model
Very handy pen and compact
Parker Jotter with Fisher SpacePen Mine
I use one, it's amazing. Just right for every situation. A true global icon by Parker.
Fisher space pen cartridge inside Parker Stainless Jotter pen.
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