Lumintop Worm AAA Copper Flashlight

From LuminTop
1. Brass Fan's Favorite! It does not Have Mode Memory. It Starts in Medium, and with Each Half Press, Then Goes M-L-H-M-L-H-M-L^^ If the Light is Left Off for Less Than 3 Seconds, it Behaves to Next Mode Memory^^ And it Will be Back to Medium Again If You Leave it Off for Over 3 Seconds^^
2. PWM-free light on all 3 modes, no flickering! Also no notable tint shift between the 3 modes. One hand Operated. Wearable as Necklace. Worm Series focus on its look more than practicality, if you need a more practical flashlight, welcome to visit our Tool Series.
3. Floodlight EDC. Fit for indoor, close range, temporary lighting, back-up supplement for other light, but not fit for long time or outdoor, hope you understand. Battery: It works with an AAA battery, if you need rechargeable battery, please use the one which is less than 1.5V, for example: ENELOOP Ni-Mh AAA.
4. Water Resistant: IPX-8 (2 meters) Tailstand, Night Glow. Great design for head, body, tail etc which are perfect for the price! It's silent when twisting. The Light is Vacuum-Sealed in a Foil Pouch. Keep the Brass Finish from Oxidization. If you want to keep the Original Gloss, we advise you to apply something like nail polish.
5. Brass conducts heat fast, but our Design Makes it to be Good Heat Radiating Effect. Mirror Polishing Finish, Pure Shiny Brass, which Smells Funny. Because Pure Brass is quite soft, so it's easy to have scratch, but please don't worry, it could be cleaned by cloth.

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Firecord and copper zipper pull
I love Patina :-D
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