Quikoin Original Oval Sof-Touch Squeeze Coin Purse Made in USA (Navy)

From Quikey
The Original Quikoin Made in USA by a family-owned business!
Includes heavy duty 4.5" ball chain
Durable, soft and flexible Sof-TouchTM Original vinyl
Many colors and combinations offered to suit your taste or purpose. note: opaque colors do not allow light to pass through while translucent colors allow scattered light to reflect through the rubber material.
Poly bagged immedately after production
Quikey Manufacturing Co., Inc. is family owned and operated, manufacturing its entire line of products in the USA, from domestic and some foreign materials. Since 1946, the Quikey innovative and original product line has been and continues to be the industry benchmark. Quikey manufactures all of its products to comply with all federal product safety regulations. Despite its modern design and its timeless functionality, the Quikoin in today's shape was already invented in the year 1951 by Frank W. Steere in Akron, Ohio in the United States. Already in the 1950s, 50 million pieces of this ingenious little helper were sold. Ever since the Quikoin has remained very popular in the United States. The Quikoin is produced with the so called dip-mold technique where the mold is dipped into liquid vinyl. This material is extremely durable and is also used in production of high-quality tools. The Quikoin is available in a variety of colors.

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So retro, i remember my dad owning a few of these when I was a kid.

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