Bellroy Leather Key Cover Plus

From Bellroy
Keep keys filed neatly away from your phone and other valuables. With a bifold design and magnetic closure this cover organizes that chaotic bundle of keys, holding everything in place with a slimline toggle. Your keys hinge out much like a pocket-knife, with a little added give from the elastic keeper. A leather loop on the outside also offers a spot for your car key. Complete your carry with a slim key solution.
A magnetic closure helps the bifold design stay neatly together without resorting to bulky clips or latches. Easy enough to snap shut with one hand.
The leather loop at the bottom of the cover lets you attach a car key or fob. Simply fold your key and the cover side-by-side to keep things neat in your pocket.
Taking learning from our slim wallets the Key Cover was designed to stay flat in your pocket, while still holding what you need. Keep your keys covered, without the bulk.
Backed by our three year warranty

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Super quiet, soft key holder. Way easier to add and remove keys than any other keyholder I've owned. Magnets keep it closed.
Fits 4–8 keys
42mm x 92mm
Super slim design
Leather loop for a car key
Magnetic closure
Premium, environmentally certified leather.
3 year warranty
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