CRKT 2055 K.E.R.T Key Ring Emergency Tool Strap Cutter

Key ring included
Rubber cap over cutting hook
Razor sharp seatbelt cutter
.8oz; 2.48-Inch


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Cuts small cordage well. The flat head screwdriver works well for opening boxes.
The cover will fall over after a while. I use the o2 wrench everyday as I'm on oxygen right now
The safety cutter isn't as sharp as I'd like.
The cover falls off quickly.
I carry it because of the o2 wrench, I'm on oxygen and I use it everyday. The cover falling off wasn't a big deal. It never gets caught on anything due to how the cutter was sharpened.
I got this because of the Oxygen regulator wrench when I was on oxygen 24/7. Then I got used to having the strap cutter and standard screwdriver with me all the time and it's been great! I highly recommend it for the extremely low cost.
I love this tool. It is an essential piece to my EDC and keys (which go everywhere). This has a seatbelt cutter on it with a sheath in case I need access to a knife from my keys or need to rescue myself from a car accident.
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