1. It does not Have Mode Memory. It Starts in Medium, and with Each Half Press, Then Goes M-L-H-M-L-H-M-L. If the Light is Left Off for Less Than 3 Seconds, it Behaves to Next Mode Memory. And it Will be Back to Medium Again If You Leave it Off for Over 3 Seconds.

2. Clicky Design is set for not easy to turn on the flashlight when in pocket. If you don't wish to switch the mode by clicking frequently, there is actually a Half Switching Fuction on it, which you could simply switch the 3 modes by clicking half of after turning it on.

3. Magnet Tail is Designed to make it Tail Stand, and in more uses.

4. Water Resistant: IPX-8 (2 meters) No-Skid Stripe on head, body and tail, One-Hand Operation. Night Glow, It's silent when twisting. Small, Sturdy, Dual Tail Caps, it has click tail cap, or magnetic tail cap, it got reversible pocket clip, it could be using under all kinds of test...still stay on stably.

5. While we all want our lights to have a powerful high setting, a truly low setting is very valuable for navigating a dark space without upsetting night adjusted vision or disturbing a spouse/family member/friend.

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