Prometheus Design Werx Badger

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I've been carrying this knife for about a month now, and I can attest that the PDW Badger is a badass knife! I purchased it as another EDC option to my CRK small Sebenza, and overall I am very impressed with this product. With a 3" blade and an OAL of 7" it is very carry friendly and certainly in the same category as the Sebenza. However, this is a very different knife.
1) At 4.4 oz (compared to 3.0) it is quite a bit heavier than the Sebenza with that weight invested in a thicker blade and handle. The extra 1.6oz isn't noticeable in the pocket, but it is a substantial difference in the hand, which makes for a stronger feeling tool. I love the simplicity of my CRK, but I would never consider prying with it. Hopefully, I would never have to pry anything with this beauty but it feels up to the task if put to it.
2) Love the elegent milling and machine work. Upon first glance the frame appears to have been milled out of a single piece, but it does come apart with two torx screws in the frame and one in the pivot.
3) This knife is overbuilt like a Strider or Hinderer, but it's targeting a completely different design market. Timeless choice with the spearpoint blade with a modern twist.
3) The fullers milled into the handle scales remove weight and add some grip surface. Also, the jimping on the frame and spine add traction and are very comfortable in my hand.
4) Pocket clip is very secure with a hidden retention screw and a minimalist design.
5) The S35VN is a time proven blend that balances hardness and edge retention. Not an exotic choice, but a tried and true one.
6) The lockup is like a bank vault. When it first arrived I had a really hard time overcoming the detent to deploy the blade with one hand. After a brief break in period I'm happy to report that the action is much smoother while still feeling very secure.

If I were to make one critique it would be that the GID inlay thumb studs are a little gimmicky. I like the theory of being able to locate a dropped knife at night. However, these things don't get very bright or glow for very long - even when charged under direct light. It's a unique differentiator in a field of titanium framelocks, but a totally unnecessary feature in my opinion.

Overall, amazing knife & will be heavy in my EDC rotation for years to come.
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