Chestnut EDC Card Caddy

The H&T "Card Caddy" is a simple yet effective way to ensure you are prepared for the day ahead. This handcrafted leather wallet with pen and pocket knife holder is made to order. Cut, stitched, & burnished with great care by human hands. Crafted with 5oz American tanned Wickett & Craig leather, one of the last specialty tanneries in the country, this exquisite & durable leather will not only endure but get better with age. Fits: (1-6) cards (1) Small Pocket Knife (ie: Swiss Army Cadet, Buck 55) (1) Fisher Bullet Space Pen or pen of similar size Dimensions in inches: 2 3/4" x 4 1/4" *Made in USA* Proudly located in Baltimore, Maryland ***All items are made to order. Due to natural variations in leather, there may be some differences in distress & color.*** (Pen, knife, and tools are not included) Similar to a leather baseball glove or a good pair of leather boots, this leather wallet has an initial break-in period. If you are having trouble getting your cards in and out of your wallet and you would like to speed up the break-in process, you can add extra cards to get a good stretch or massage the leather with your hands for a short period of time.

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