White River

An EPIC Award finalist for 2016, White River is a flying adventure like no other. Featuring great bush flying with descriptions so lifelike you'll feel like you're right in the cockpit, from take-off to splashdown and every adventure in between. Ron Johnson left corporate America to fly a seaplane in the wilds of Canada. Away from big business politics and intrigue, away from a soon-to-be ex-wife, away from ulcers and gray hairs. Savoring the majesty of nature at its best, living every pilot’s dream of flying the workhorse of the wilderness, the DeHavilland Beaver, amidst stunning country and good people. Then electronic industrial espionage found him, complete with a distraction. A distraction composed of long brunette hair, legs that never quit and eyes that pierced his hardened exterior. Trouble found him too—with every turn of the propeller the stakes grew higher and the odds of survival grew less. He was going to have to dig deep to make it out of this one. White River. Beautiful country. Great flying. Big trouble. And a girl.

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