Stanley 66-344 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver

From Stanley
The convenience of a set of precision screwdrivers in one small pocket tool! Two double-ended bits; sizes 5/32", 1/8", 0PT, 1PT. Ideal for toy assembly, battery compartments, eye glasses, electronics and more. Magnetic bits have non-slip textured surface so they attract and hold small screws. Soft, comfortable, bi-material grip.


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Really great add-on to the EDC if you have an extra pen slot some place. Great for glasses wearers
Love this tool for tinkering have two of them in different places around the house, nice to have for quick fixes.
On the backside of the organizer with the notebook
Great EDC item with the perfect combo of bits.
I feel its very important to always carry the proper tools for any job.
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