100mph Tape, Olive Drab, 48mm x 55m, Mil-Spec (Single)

Manufactured in the United States and compliant with the Berry Amendment; NSN 7510-00-266-5016.
Each roll has 48 mm x 55 m tape length (approx. 2 in. x 60 yds.) on a 3 in. cardboard core.
100mph Tape's 12 mil thickness means this woven cloth-backed tape has excellent abrasion resistance.
Conforms to ASTM D 5486/D 5486M-96 Type IV Class 1 Specification, a rigorous standard that very few commercial tapes can meet. This waterproof tape bonds to most surfaces (including porous surfaces), and sticks well even in cold weather.
Ideal for repairing gear, backpacks, patching tents, tarps and clothing, camping, hiking, survival applications. Tear a few feet off for compact carry in survival kits, bugout, SKRAM, and Go Bags.
Military Grade 100mph Tape (NSN 7510-00-266-5016) is the gold standard for duct tape. This tape is waterproof, bonds to almost any surface, and leaves almost no residue when removed. Mil-Spec 100mph tape sticks well even in cold temperatures, and has a woven cloth backing that reinforces and strengthens the tape so that it holds up even during extended use.

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