Sharpie Marker

From Sharpie
Durable fine-point tip produces thinner detailed lines on even hard-to-mark surfaces. Ink dries quickly, is waterproof, smear-proof and fade-resistant. The AP certified ink is non-toxic and long lasting.


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Enough said.....
Cheap and writes anywhere
The old faithful. Can't go wrong with this. Keep this just in case you need an autograph.
This is the micro tip marker availabil from tesco in a pack of red blue green black for £4
Who doesn't like a sharpie! Perfect pen for many uses.
For spontaneous graffiti
Writing on Boxes, writing measurements on Painters Tape, etc. Must have item.
Fine tip and regular tip
for when the pen isnt enough
Wrapped with twine for some grip
You better be carrying one on set, regardless of what department you are in.
Who doesnt carry a sharpie on them in one of their bags?
I am constantly thinking about new products for Twelve South so when the moment strikes I immediately have to write it down or make a sketch to remind myself to talk to my design team.
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