Sharpie Marker

From Sharpie
Durable fine-point tip produces thinner detailed lines on even hard-to-mark surfaces. Ink dries quickly, is waterproof, smear-proof and fade-resistant. The AP certified ink is non-toxic and long lasting.


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Great for marking the time down on the RATS incase you have to use it.
I never leave home with out one. And there are always 2 spares in my backpack.
A useful writing instrument and helpful as a last ditch self defense weapon. Always have one on me.
Cheap and writes anywhere
The old faithful. Can't go wrong with this. Keep this just in case you need an autograph.
This is the micro tip marker availabil from tesco in a pack of red blue green black for £4
Who doesn't like a sharpie! Perfect pen for many uses.
Comes in handy when the medic needs to label IV bags and for other various uses around the ambulance. Can also be used as a stylus on the Panasonic Toughbook mobile PCR device.
Because if I have the opportunity to write on a bomb, I will.
Fine point - black
Average permanent sharpie marker.
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