ChapStick Medicated

From Chapstick
Pack of 3
NET WT (ea.) 0.15 oz
Classic Medicated Lip Balm
External Analgesic & Skin Protectant
Helps heal severely dry, chapped lips. Soothes and cools sore lips. Helps prevent and temporarily protects chafed, chapped, cracked, or windburned lips. Temporarily relieves pain associated with fever blisters and cold sores.


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Medicated Chapstick and I have a history together, you could say. It all started when I was an innocent 7th grader with chapped lips, my girl at the time loaned me her Chapstick (classic flavor, of course) and a few days later I found myself buying my own stick...then another a few days after know the story. Years later, I found myself making sure I had my trusty Chapstick- always in my left front pocket next to my Bic (a story for another day) any time I had pants on, even leaving a movie to go home and get it once. Then it wasn't enough..I needed stronger; my lips were just extra chapped was the lie I told myself at the time - and I started on the strong stuff, Medicated Chapstick. I lost minutes of my life putting that stuff on, and of course in was in denial. I wasn't addicted, it's awfully dry out, my dog ate the other stick...before I knew it, my lips were drier than grandma's crotch if I didnt get my 'stick fix every five minutes.
Then one dry winter night, I was asking for a 'stick loan and a stranger (must have been an angel!) introduced me to the wonder that is Burts Bees. Cured at last!

/jk. Really Chapstick is cool but if you use it regularly your lips eventually DO need it, so thats kind of a bummer (for me at least). Burts doesn't do that IME...still doesn't have that tingly freshness of a good ol' MedChap, though.
As a professional brass musician, I have found this brand to be especially beneficial.
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