TGT Americana 2.0 Wallet

A wonderfully patriotic and practical credit card holder.
Hand crafted in the United States to the highest of standards.
Cards are held safely and securely by durable elastic.
Folded bank notes fit perfectly within the soft Italian leather front pocket.
Delivered in a TGT: Tight Wallets presentation case.


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Easily my favorite wallet. holds everything a billfold can but much slimmer and with more style. Australian notes are a bit of a challenge to fold sometimes though, and it takes a while to master card retrieval.
Best decision ever to switch to a minimalist wallet. Any fears of not always having what you need were completely debunked. I feel prepared all the time and it's so much less hassle.
Love this wallet. Compact and easy to conceal if you are in cities with high crime/pick-pocket problems such as Rio and Sao Paulo, Brazil. It sits great and slim in the front pocket and I will even tuck in nickers for an even more secure transportation.
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