Purell Hand Sanitizer Portable

From Purell
Provides quick, portable product access Convenient and easy to use Superior specialized formula for critical hygiene situations Meets food code hand sanitizer criteria Two fluid ounce flip top bottle Gojo Purell VF481 instant hand sanitizer. Superior specialized formula for critical hand hygiene situations, where close quarters may increase the likelihood of outbreaks. Provides broad spectrum activity against microorganisms in a silky-smooth formulation with four skin moisturizers. Rinsing with water not required after use. Meets food code hand sanitizer criteria (Section 2-301.16) published by the FDA.


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Easy carry / first aid!
Hand sanitation is one of the most important things you can do to keep you and others healthy.
Not the most manly, but hygiene is important.
Remember when this didn't exist? How did we ever survive? It's probably unnecessary, but let's be honest: life is grody to the max. And sticky crap is everywhere. I tape the flip lid closed with cellophane, because otherwise, it'll eventually open itself and goop your pockets.
Gotta keep myself clean and fresh!
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