BigiDesign Ti-Post RAW

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I have been looking for a heavy duty pen to use everyday for years now. I just couldn't pull the trigger on purchasing an expensive pen. I found this one day as it was featured on the everyday carry website and fell in love with it. For days I would stalk it on bigidesign's website and one day I finally purchased it. It is incredible! With all the many different refills that it will take, you can use your favorite while looking very stylish. The pen is pretty hefty, which is a good thing. Mine has a detachable stylus tip for electronic is COOL!!! That's all I have to say!
This,by far, is my favorite pen! It is very classy looking, is balanced, and feels hefty, but I like that about pens. I was pleasantly surprised of how well the stylus tip works. It comes with a felt pen sleeve. This comes in handy if I don't have pockets on my shirt. By putting it in the pen sleeve, I'm able to throw it in my pocket without worrying about scratching it up with my keys. For now, I am using a Uniball signo 207 micro refill and it fits perfectly. I can't wait to try the many different refills that this pen claims to hold. I've always wanted a classy, hefty metal pen. Now I have one!
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